Custom Development

From front end web design, to REST API’s and backend services, NextWave has you covered. Working with modern, open source technology, NextWave builds around tools that allow for rapid application development. ... Read More

HypeBeast Essentials -G

The drop day is warfare, and it’s best bot win. Thousands are spend on launch item days for designer brands, yet even more is gained from the resale value of limited items. Simple economics, supply and demand. ... Read More

Bitcoin Investment

As an emerging technology bitcoin can be a murky lake to traverse, however with proper tooling, proprietary metrics, aggregated media, and a history of successful trades, NextWave hopes to be a lighthouse in the Bitcoin market. ... Read More

Contracting & Consulting

NextWave offers affordable consulting to take your business to the next level. From marketing, web design, to SEO, make sure you are staying ahead of everyone else, adapting the NextWave of technology. ... Read More