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Why I started contributing to Docker

Why I became a Docker contributor Experience Just like any spoken language, you must constantly immerse yourself in the language and culture to speak any programming language fluently. By dedicating a portion of my time to a single project, I force myself to come back to difficult tasks. Instead of abandoning a project for a new idea, I have a set amount of time each day I work through the problems I was facing yesterday.

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Docker to Kubes

If I told you that the transition from Docker to Kubernetes takes an afternoon of seamlessly migrating containers, I would be lying. Kubernetes forced me to abandon my love for docker-compose. I had to rethink my container orchestration. I would be ditching my well-tweaked Nginx SSL proxy and adopting the “serverless approach”. Serverless In the past, I never really understood the benefit of serverless architecture. Serverless? Really? That’s for lazy people, I thought.

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Choosing the right tool: How to pick the right programming language

Jack of all trades, master of none. Often better, than a master of one. Adam Savage Master of one When I first started programming, I had figured I would learn python. It was easy enough for a young me to learn. It was powerful and could do a whole lot. I told myself the more time I spent in this language the better I would be. I spent about two years learning python.

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